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What’s it about?

CCD is an intensive, comprehensive, year-long course in dance for aspiring dancers. The objective is to create versatile dancers, performers and instructors. The course gives you a strong foundation in classical forms, as well as exposure to contemporary trends. It provides a platform to be a part of the current entertainment and performing arts industry.

Who benefits?

CCD is offered to dance enthusiasts from difficult backgrounds across India, interested in pursuing dance as a career. ISPTD offers partial or complete scholarship to deserving applicants after an audition and interview.

What will you learn?

Intensive training in primary techniques of Ballet, Contemporary, Yoga, Bharatnatyam and Martial Arts

Electives: Salsa, Bachata, Belly Dance, Zouk, Pilates, Mambo, Cinematic Dancing, B-Boying, Hip Hop, Capoeira etc.

Supporting course modules in Pedagogy, Body Conditioning, Dance Therapy, Feldenkrais.

History of Dance, injury prevention/rehabilitation, stage design, anatomy, nutrition, physical theatre, visual/graphic design, musical theatre etc.

Breaking it down:

Learn about your body’s inherent capacities through Yoga, Tai Chi, Feldenkrais, Alexander technique, and others.

Work on styles from Jazz, Hip hop, B- Boying, Bollywood and Latin dances. Become a versatile and stylish performer.

Classes and workshops range from modern and contemporary dances, release, contact improvisation and other dance     techniques.

Composition, choreography, Dramaturgy and rehearsals to acquaint one with performing practices

What are the benefits?

Participants will be assisted with job opportunities Access to advanced/summer programs with international schools.

Opportunity to audition with affiliated international dance/theatre companies.

Opportunity to audition for various televised dance contests.

Networking opportunities.

During the course, each individual will be allowed to volunteer for ISPTD, thereby encouraging involvement and             understating of various job roles and responsibilities.

Initiation to different styles and forms of dance.

Produce a series of exploratory routines, culminating in an extended public performance piece.

Experimentation to begin using what you’ve learnt in meaningful ways. The classes will nurture a deeper relationship to your work.

Current and Past Batches:

Students at ISPTD are young adults from different parts of India. In the last few years, over 30 students have been sponsored (with Rupees 1 lakh each) to complete the CCD professional course. Several other students have received partial sponsorship. Today, many of these students are working professionals, motivated to make a living off their passion and contently doing so.


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