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Indian Society for Performers and Teachers of Dance (ISPTD) is a national not-for-profit organization registered in August 2005. Creating a province for a meaningful dialogue, ISPTD brings to play the critical role of performing arts and vocational skills to impact and benefit lives of the needy and the skilled.

We at ISPTD strongly believe in “skill empowerment”. Breaking the conventional methods of learning – we offer skills (most often reserved for recreation), to heal, inspire, and empower the less privileged – not only making them independent but also highly passionate individuals. ISPTD engages children and young adults from difficult backgrounds with a world class curriculum and practice in vocational skills, allowing them to discover their own potential. By creating a vibrant, multidisciplinary community, ISPTD aspires to elevate aptitudes in dance and its allied kin like music, and theatre from a leisure activity to a necessary and affordable pursuit by every individual.

ISPTD also promotes artists and artisans by providing a platform for creative experiments, collaborative projects and stays committed in its drive to revive and conserve traditional and folk art forms.

Our team of highly talented and committed teachers are resolute in trusting the vital role of performing arts and vocational skills in advancing economic sustainability, augmenting positive changes to the social structure in today’s society. We are aware that we cannot end suffering – but we can equip it with a strong voice and expression – to be unconfined and used as a productive tool.

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