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Traditional and Folk dancers

The land of cultural and traditional vibrancy, India is home to immensely talented folk artists, each representing its own cultural and traditional identities through various forms of art.  Through dance and music, these artists have been communicating to the world treasured stories of Indian history and heritage. But numerous folk artists lack support from mainstream society, unrecognized and ignored, today, many such artists have quit practicing, rendering the incredible art forms a thing of the past.

ISPTD identifies artists from across the country and offers organizational support. We promote folk artists through events, technical and network assistance, communications, promotional reach and ultimately, make available grants and abet documentation.

The Artist and performing arts

We at ISPTD trust the fragmented industry of performing arts to advance and grow into a wholesome community through improved arts management and better protection of intellectual property.

ISPTD doesn’t just manage artists but endorses creative experiments, collaborations and communiqué. We help sustain artistic expression and persuade public engagement and understanding through events, shows and creative “dialogues”. While making room for multi-disciplinary creative collaborations, ISPTD yearns to inspire artists mature in their own capacity.


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